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How to Prepare for Your International Move

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You’re off on an exciting adventure! Australia will miss you, but your new country will welcome you with open arms. Preparing for an international move can be a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, with the right preparation, moving abroad can be an overall efficient, pleasant experience. In order to make that happen, you’ll need one crucial element: a first rate removalist with international relocation expertise.

Enter Lynns.

With a solid partnership with an exceptional international moving company, we’re you go-to removalist for relocating abroad. We’ll connect you with the right providers and help you get fully prepared and ready for the move.

Get Organised & Have a Plan of Action

Lynns Removals and Storage offers a helping hand throughout your relocation process. A great rule of thumb is to start early. If you’ve got a move coming up within a year or less, it’s a perfect time to get a quote. Lynns offers free quotes so you can start your preparations knowing what’s coming.

An international move requires research and planning. On our website, we have a few moving resources and checklists to get you off to a good start. Research will be key during the process, as you’ll need to understand what is involved in entering a new country, whether as a resident or other type of visitor. Depending on where you’re headed, visas may need to be obtained, as well as specific immunisations or health checkups. As you begin your research, you can refer to this extensive checklist for an international move to keep you on track.

Your Belongings

One of the major concerns when preparing for an international move is figuring out how you will transport your furniture and other items. Sorting, storage, moving, shipping: all need to be handled and scheduled. First, a top tip is to downsize as much as possible. Moving abroad can be expensive, with the majority of costs going to shipping large items, so simplifying is a smart way to save money. Lynns can assist with safely and securely packing your items so that they arrive undamaged. We have years of experience helping customers pack their boxes for shipping by air and sea, and our professional expertise will give you that all-important peace of mind. The team at Lynns can also give you support and advice for obtaining any necessary moving insurance. Together, we’ll make sure the items you treasure are well taken care of. And if you’re only leaving for a short period, or aren’t ready to ship items, you have the option to utilise our own dedicated storage centre.

One vital step as you prepare for your international move is to check with your destination regarding all duties and regulations for items entering the country. You’ll need to abide by these, and it may affect what you choose to ship. Do this as soon as possible to avoid costly fees or taxes, and to ensure any special arrangements that may need to be made.

The Nitty Gritty

Partnering with Lynns can remove the stress of the physical move itself from your mind. But to be sure your relocation abroad is as efficient and hassle-free as possible, don’t forget to systematically manage the necessary nitty gritty. You will need to handle minutiae such as a switch of banks, notifying organisations of your change of address, and arranging school enrolment for your children. Fortunately, most things can now be done online, allowing for greater convenience and expediency. For guidance on taxes and financial details when leaving Australia, be sure to obtain your information from the proper governmental authorities.

Our team here at Lynns can be an integral (and lifesaving) part of your international move. We’ve been handling relocations for the past 30+ years, and we’d love to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. For questions, concerns, and your free quote, get in touch with us today.

08 Jul, 16

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