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Moving Day

7 Moving Day Hacks

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Time to move! You’ve packed and prepared and now the day has arrived. Some people find this to be a stressful event, as there is a lot to get done and to arrange. Fortunately, the right preparation can ensure your move is smooth and painless. Knowing the little tricks of the trade can make a big difference. And you’ve got the pros here at Lynns to help you out. Our 7 simple moving day hacks will put you on the right track.

Have a small suitcase ready with all your essentials

Those first few days after a move, it can be a challenge locating all of your stuff. Prepare for this in advance by packing as if for a trip. Keep your most critical items in an overnight bag or a suitcase, ensuring you’re able to find the things you need in those first couple of days.

Keep other vital items in a plastic box

In addition to your luggage with clothing and personal items, you should pack a small to medium-sized plastic container with your household essentials. These are the MUST-HAVE items for your move, such as keys, phone chargers, toilet paper, trash bags, medications, and even your coffee maker so you can get that caffeine! On moving day, bring this box with you in your vehicle and keep it close to hand.

Take photos of the cord setup of your electronics

You can refer to these when setting your electronics up in your new home, and avoid the stress and frustration of a mess of cords.

Cover the top of toiletry containers with plastic wrap

A messy shampoo spill can really ruin your day. Avoid post-moving cleanup by covering the openings of your cosmetics and toiletries with plastic wrap. Then, replace the lid or cover. This provides extra protection against a nasty spill.

Make arrangements for your kids & pets

Keeping your children and pets out of the way on moving day is a super-helpful “hack.” Little children could potentially get hurt with all the chaos and the transport of heavy items, while pets may become stressed due to the disruptions. Plan ahead to arrange sitters for both kids and pets, and you’ll be able to focus more easily on the tasks at hand come moving day.

Label your boxes by room

To help you stay organised, as you pack, label your boxes depending upon which room they belong to. This will make things so much easier for your removalist company, as they unload your items and place them in your new home.

Make great use of rubber bands

Don’t fuss with keys on moving day. Instead, place rubber bands around your door knobs to keep from getting locked out of your home. Place a rubber band around the exterior knob, then cross it over and wrap around the knob on the other side of the door. This will prevent the door from locking during the busy movement of moving day.



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Let us help make your moving day absolutely easy. Lynns Removals and Storage has more than 3 decades of industry experience. With the experts on your side, your move will be a breeze.

11 Oct, 17

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