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Who To Notify When Moving House

Who To Notify When Moving House

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Before moving day, it’s important that you notify the relevant people about your upcoming relocation to avoid potential problems down the road. But who exactly do you inform when moving to a new home?

Government Agencies

First and foremost, you need to inform key government agencies you’re going to change your address. This will help ensure you don’t miss any important notifications. Agencies to notify include:

· Australian Electoral Commission
· Australia Tax Office
· Welfare agencies
· Medicare
· Departments for driving licences and car registrations

Utility Companies

Other organisations to include on your change of address checklist are utility companies. It’s important to notify them of your move in advance so they can either terminate or transfer your service to your new location. Make sure to call the local electric and gas companies, as well as your telephone, mobile phone, Pay TV, and Internet service provider before your relocation.

Medical, Veterinary, Financial And Banking Services

It’s also important to inform your physician, dentist, health insurance provider, and other healthcare service providers of your impending move. If you have pets, you should inform their veterinarian and have their registration address changed with local council. Also, don’t forget to notify your bank and other financial services that you use.

Schools and Clubs

If you have children, make sure to inform their school and teachers, as well as any extra-curricular clubs and activities they participate in. Similarly, if you belong to a recreational club, it is good practice to notify them of your move as well.

Friends and Family

Last but not the least, don’t forget to tell your friends and family that you’re going to change address soon! And if you don’t have time to notify individual organisations yourself, Australia Post can help. As well as arranging for your personal mail to be redirected, you can authorise Australia Post to notify selected banks, insurers, government departments, energy providers and telcos of your new address.

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