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Essential Tips for Moving a Piano

Essential Tips for Moving a Piano

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A piano is a wonderful addition to any home, bringing the gift of music to those who play the instrument and those lucky enough to listen. But when it comes time to move house, a piano can start to lose its lustre. That’s because the prospect of moving a piano can make many people wary. It’s understandable: pianos are large, unwieldy pieces that often weigh in at 500-1200 pounds! When moving a piano to a new location, it is vital to entrust the help of seasoned experts. Our team at Lynns Removals and Storage can help ensure your piano is moved with the utmost care and precision, resulting in a safe and successful move for this most valuable of items. Read on for some essential tips on transporting a piano.


What NOT To Do

First things first, there are a few piano moving “don’ts” to be aware of. It is highly recommended that only professional movers are enlisted to transport your piano. Removalists have been trained in safe and complex moving techniques that are specifically designed to prevent damage or injury. When you try to DIY your piano move, you risk not only the potential for significant piano damage, but personal injury as well.

Another reason to entrust your piano move to professionals is that they will be aware of avoiding improper moving techniques. These include wheeling the piano on its delicate casters, or placing excessive weight on the legs of the instrument. Neither of these elements is designed to withstand the full heft of a piano and they are also prone to weakening and wearing down over time—and thus more easily breaking during a move.


Preparing to Move the Piano

Moving a piano can involve various techniques depending on the type of piano and its overall weight. Upright pianos possess a different centre of gravity than do grand pianos. The size and weight of a piano also determines the amount of manpower needed to effect the move. In addition, the piano will need to be measured as well as the dimensions of the entryways to its new home. Your removalist will come up with a detailed moving plan for your piano based on these factors.

Next the piano will be wrapped and cushioned to prevent any damage to its exterior. This is especially important for the shiny surfaces of grand pianos. The cushions should be nonslip and should be tucked and secured fully before moving the instrument. In the case of a grand piano, the legs will also generally be removed for the duration of the transport process.

It is also important to determine the precise path the piano will take and the role each mover will play at every stage. You can depend on your professional removalist to take care of this plan and you may wish to consult closely if you have special concerns. You can assist by creating a clear travel path for the piano through your home, getting any furniture or other items out of its way prior to the move.


Moving the Piano

Successful, careful piano removals involve many steps and practiced techniques. Your removalist will use a piano dolly to help move across flat surfaces and to place the piano in the truck. A dolly helps to balance the weight of the piano, enabling much smoother movement and reducing the need for excessive lifting.

The piano should be one of the first items placed into the moving truck. Once inside, it should be secured firmly against the wall of the truck, with professional cords and straps designed for heavy furniture. This will hold the instrument in place during the drive and help to avoid any damage by jostling.

Upon arrival, your movers will remove the piano from the truck and bring it into your new home. This is done using the dolly, and a combination of specific lifting and transport techniques designed to enable the safest, securest move, even up stairs. This process can take some time and will likely involve the manpower of several members of the removalist team. Once completed, your piano will be reassembled (if necessary) and you should arrange for it to be tuned. Then, play on!


Whether you need a piano moved or an entire home or office, we’re the removalists ready to help you out. Give Lynns Removals and Storage a call today for a free quote on your upcoming move.

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