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Choosing a removalist

There is so much that goes into any removal project. Lynns will discuss all stages of the removal process in depth with you, including insurance concerns and associated details. You can take a look at our free Planning Your Removal Guide to help you get started.

How we are paid

For arranging for you to be insured under our policy, we receive the difference between the amount you pay us for your insurance and the cost of the premium we pay for the policy (which is based upon our annual turnover), and the amount we pay for claims under $2,000.The amount you pay us is based on the value of the goods we are removing or storing on your behalf.

The staff at Lynns Removals & Storage are paid a salary and do not receive a commission or bonus for arranging insurance for you.

In addition, Aldridge & Street received a commission of 0-20% for arranging our policy. They do not receive any amount when we arrange for the policy to cover you.

How we can help with your insurance

We hold a Customer Goods in Transit and Storage insurance policy. On your behalf, we can arrange for this policy to cover you. Alternately, you can obtain insurance from an outside insurance company of your own choosing. If you ask us to arrange Customer Goods in Transit and Storage insurance, we will give you our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), describing the main features of the policy. You should read the PDS to decide if the policy suits your needs, objectives, and financial situation before you decide whether to obtain it, because we are not permitted to advise you regarding your insurance needs. If you require advice, or if your insurance needs are different from the cover available in our policy, we can refer you to Aldridge & Street who will be able to assist you.

Complaints and Disputes

We are a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). AFRA handles all complaints or disputes regarding our services. Contact the Executive Director at AFRA.

AFRA may be contacted at:

Unit 6/7 Packard Avenue,

Ph: (02) 9659-5300. Fax: (02) 9659-5311.

If AFRA does not resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you can refer it to Insurance Brokers Disputes Limited. For further information about IBDL, contact them directly on 1800 064 169.