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How Much Does Furniture Storage Cost

How Much Does Furniture Storage Cost?

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Whether you need long-term furniture storage or short-term furniture storage, Lynns offers flexible storage solutions to suit all our customers. There are many reasons why you might need to store your furniture (or other belongings) with us, but almost everyone wants to know the same thing – how much does furniture storage cost? Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward answer, so let’s look at some of the determining factors.

Short Term Furniture Storage

There are many reasons why you might need temporary furniture storage. For example:

  • Renovating – When you decide to renovate or extend, it’s likely you will need things ‘out of the way.’ Furniture storage is a smart option because you can store as much or little as you require. Lynns can assist you to store an entire room of your home or even a single item.
  • Temporary Relocation – Not all moves are permanent. Maybe you’re heading to a new city for a brief work assignment or for other opportunities. If this is you, it’s likely that you have chosen to terminate your lease or rent out your property while you are away. But what do you do with all your belongings? Storage of course! And when you choose to store your furniture with Lynns, your items will remain safe and secure until your return, at which time we will deliver the items to your door.

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Long Term Furniture Storage

Common scenarios where you might need long-term furniture storage include a contract falling through on a house purchase or a delay with your move-in date. Perhaps you’ve relocated with hopes of finding a new dwelling quickly and efficiently and are still searching. Many of our customers also utilise our storage options while they have their homes planned and built. If such circumstances apply to you, storing your furniture on our long-term rates is the smartest and most cost-effective option.

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Furniture Storage Australia Wide

Whenever you need it, Australia wide storage is available to you with Lynns. Our facility is protected by 24 hour video surveillance, back-to-base alarms, and is patrolled nightly. Items are securely stowed and well-documented to ensure a stress-free experience. For further details, use our simple online contact form to get in touch or give us a call on 1300 139 336 today.


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