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moving checklist

Moving Checklist

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Moving home or moving office? Preparation is the key to success when arranging a move. To help you prepare for you move, we’ve put together this quick guide, and you can also download our free steps to moving checklist. So, keep reading and start ticking jobs off!

One Month To Go

It may seem like plenty of time, but if you only have one month left until moving day it’s time to start preparing. Some important items to tick off your list include:

  • Book A Removalist (get a quick and easy quote from Lynns. We handle interstate, local, and international moves)
  • Take an inventory of the items in your home
  • Hold a garage sale or hop online to sell the things you no longer need or want
  • Finalise new school enrolments for children
  • Arrange final accounts for utilities, phone and internet

Two To Three Weeks Until Moving Day

It’s never too early to start packing, especially if you have lots of items stored in your garage or cupboards that you don’t use on a daily basis. No one ever regretted getting a head start on their packing!

If you don’t have the time or the energy to pack up your home or office, whyno try Lynns professional packing service? We ensure all your belongings are itemised and transported securely. We also have packing cartons available for those who are tackling their packing themselves. Other tasks to complete at this stage include:

One Week Before You Move

With one week to go, your home or office should be at least 90% packed. You’ll also need to think about the following:

  • Making arrangements for your pets on moving day
  • Eating or giving away excess food in your fridge and freezer
  • Reconfirm cleaners or ensure you have the necessary supplies if you are cleaning yourself
  • Put aside a bag of vital items that will travel with you on moving day (keys, phone chargers, toothbrush, toiletries etc)


If you have an upcoming home or office removal, don’t wait to plan. Contact your leading NSW removals team at Lynns today. We’re awaiting your call!



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