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Saving Memories from Your Old Home

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Nearly always, moving house is an exciting venture. Your whole family gets into the spirit of setting up a new abode and discovering a new town or state. Moving is a big deal! However, moving can often be an emotional experience as well. It is important to take time to process your feelings about moving, and to discuss the process with your children. Many of our customers here at Lynns find that a wonderful way to memorialise their current home is to create or bring along significant memories or tokens to symbolise their history. Today, we look at some ideas for saving memories from your old home and how you can incorporate these as you plan your upcoming relocation.

Make a Scrapbook

Here’s a project that whole family can participate in. Why not create a sweet and special scrapbook full of photos and memories of your old house? Your children can record their favourite moments in the home, or you could write down significant dates. This is a great way to encapsulate an important part of your family’s history as you prepare to move forward into a new era.

Take a Piece of Your Home

As you plan your relocation, you might consider taking a small bit of your old home with you. Unfortunately, you can’t take that balcony that you loved or your favorite spot in the garden, but you can take tiny elements to bring a piece of your old house with you. While you actually can move some parts of your garden with you, save time and space by clipping small amounts of your favourite plants. These can be preserved as part of your scrapbook, or you can collect some stones from your yard. These can live on a shelf in your new dwelling and remind you of your past.

Irreplaceable Memories

It is a tradition in many families to mark the heights of their growing children in pencil along a door frame through the years. This creates a beautiful image of life and family. But when the time comes to move house, will you have to leave that precious timeline behind? Perhaps not. If you have the ability, why not make some changes to your home before your move? You could remove the piece of the door frame to bring along with you, and replace it with a fresh new one for the next owners. Making a few updates like this could in fact be a great selling point with potential buyers.

Let The Moving and Storage Experts Help

With all the emotion, preparation, planning, and more, the process of moving house can end up being quite stressful and overwhelming. It does not have to be this way. When you work with an accomplished and helpful removalist like Lynns, we help take the hassle out of your move. Get in contact today and let us assist you with the smoothest, pleasantest relocation you’ve ever had.

27 Nov, 15

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