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Do You Need Storage?

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As a South Coast removalist, it might seem like Lynns is all about making moves. Did you know that while assisting with international, national, and local relocations is our prime focus, we are also a fully operational storage provider? More often than not, customers don’t have the proper space to store their belongings. This might be during a move, following a move, or even when you’re simply sorting through your furniture and items. Got a full house? There are several circumstances in life when it is provident to arrange for storage. Let’s examine these situations and what you might consider when it comes to your storage needs.

While Building Your Dream House

Is your family moving into a new home that is being built from the ground up? There is nothing more exciting than moving into a brand new, custom-designed residence. Unfortunately, creating a dream home can be a lengthy process. As you await your new castle, you may spend several months or more in rental homes and apartments. Rather than moving the entirety of your furniture and belongings multiple times, the best and most cost-effective option is to put your things in storage until the new home is officially ready.

When you store your items with Lynns, we keep a careful inventory of every single piece that enters our system. After you’ve moved in, we’ll deliver your things swiftly and carefully to your new home. It’s a simple as that.

Relocation and Residence Search

Another circumstance when you might require storage is when you’ve sold your home and are still searching for your next residence. As you continue to look for the perfect home, your furniture, valuables, and even large items like boats and caravans can be kept securely in Lynns dedicated storage facility. Knowing your belongings are stowed away in a protected spot affords you the peace of mind to put your focus on your relocation. And you can depend on the security of our storage centre. With back-to-base alarms, nightly patrols, and video surveillance, your items are in the best of hands.


We live in a society where bigger is often considered better. But as our “stuff” accumulates, many of us discover we don’t need as much as we thought. Through time, our families change as well. Children grow up and fly the nest, often leaving homes with extra space. These situations may call for simplifying and downsizing.

To help you navigate the process of sorting through it all, why not consider arranging storage for your “must keep” items. Sentimental items, valuables, and necessities can be locked away safely in Lynns storage centre. This may prevent the accidental rubbish drop of something you intended to hang onto. Not only that, but minimising what is in your home can make it far less overwhelming to manage getting rid of the excess.

Long Term Absence

Sometimes, life happens. Various circumstances may necessitate that you spend some time abroad or away from your current home. In such cases, you may decide to sell your home, or if you are a renter, you may let your lease end. But what to do with your stuff? This is where Lynns comes in. As a South Coast storage provider, we make it convenient for you to store as much of your belongings as you need. Our sizeable and clean facility is ready to host your vehicle, bedding, and more.


We at Lynns would love to speak with you about your storage and removals needs. Get in touch with us today for all the details on pricing, availability, and more.

13 May, 16

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