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How to Avoid Moving Scams

How to Avoid Moving Scams

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How to Avoid Moving Scams

Getting ready to move your home or office? In most circumstances, the prospect of relocating can feel fairly stressful. What makes it even more of a trying situation is the presence of unsavoury “moving companies” out there who are anxious to scam customers just like you. This is the sad reality of the world we live in, but fortunately, there are far more honest removalists in the industry than otherwise. The key is knowing what to look out for. At Lynns Removals and Storage, we want to reduce the instances of moving scams taking place in our industry. With the following tips in mind, you can avoid the pesky, costly moving scams out there and find a high quality removals team you can trust.

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

This is a good rule of thumb to follow in nearly all decisions both business and personal. Solid removals companies provide value, and while an affordable price is ideal, the cost should reflect the level of service you’re receiving. Removalists that promise rock bottom prices are to be considered carefully. Any offer that seems excessive has the potential to be a scam. Listen to your gut and if something feels off, chances are your intuition is right.

Avoid companies without a physical address or a website.

One way to spot a possible scam is to find out if a moving company has a physical business location. Without this, it is far more likely to be a fly-by-night business or a shady scam. A website is no guarantee that a removalist is trustworthy either, but in this day and age, the vast majority of reputable businesses have an online presence as well as a physical one. Check out how long your movers have been in business, too. A long-standing establishment with a positive reputation is a great indicator of trustworthiness.

Always get a comprehensive quote before signing on the dotted line.

No matter what, your removalist should provide you with a thorough quote that includes every aspect of your move. A common scam is a type of bait and switch where movers promise fast service at impossibly low rates. Once you’ve agreed, they load your belongings into their truck, and then essentially hold them ransom until you agree to pay ridiculous “upcharges” or fees. These may or may not be listed in your “contract.” Another type of scam behaviour involves presenting clients with a semi-completed contract that the removalists promise to “fill in” later on. Another situation to be avoided. A quality removals team will always supply you with a complete quote before beginning any work.

Ask about “hidden fees.”

If you’re still not 100% certain, have your removals team go over your quote with you and feel free to inquire about any hidden fees or extra charges you can expect. A good removalist will not have any secret charges and will be upfront with you from the start about precisely what you can expect to pay. Any potential additional costs will be discussed thoroughly, in advance of you signing the moving contract.

Don’t let your belongings get packed away in an unmarked moving truck.

A further red flag for a moving company scam is the use of unmarked moving trucks. Your trusted removalist will transport your items only in clean, well-maintained vehicles that display the company name and logo. This is a sign of a thorough, quality business, and also helps prevent the potential for “lost” items or other scams involving unmarked trucks.

Seek removalists who prioritise quality and customer care.

There are plenty of decent moving companies in Australia who won’t attempt to scam you. But you deserve better than average. Why not choose the very best in removals services? Lynns Removals and Storage is a company with over 30 years of industry experience who always places customer satisfaction as our highest priority. With us, not only can you expect an honest, straightforward experience, you can depend on us to care for your furniture and other belongings with the utmost respect and attention. You need the best team out there, and we’re it. Get in touch today for more details about a scam-free local, interstate, or international relocation experience with Lynns.

27 Jan, 17

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