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After the Move: Meeting People & Making Friends

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Congratulations! You’ve had a successful (and hopefully hassle-free) move. Or perhaps you are still in the planning process and are gathering resources. This post is to assist in the follow-up to your relocation. Moving house is a big deal and brings many new aspects, changes, and even transformations into your life. Particularly if you relocate across the state or country, you are likely to feel that you are embarking on a brand new life. As you get settled into your new neighbourhood and community, it will be helpful to start putting down roots by meeting other people and making friends. Today, our Lynns team offers some advice on how to find new mates post-move.

Take Advantage of Connections

Often, moving takes you far away from most of the people and places you are familiar with. Yet, it’s a small world after all, and you might know at least a few people in your new town. If this is so, take advantage of these connections. Acquaintances are generally happy to show you around the area, invite you along to events, or simply meet for a cup of coffee. Even if these individuals don’t become your closest mates, they provide a gateway for you to get integrated into the community and they just might introduce you to some of their friends that you’ll click with.

School, Work, and Your Neighbourhood

Kids have an advantage when it comes to making friends. The schoolyard is the ideal spot to make great pals. If your children are worried about making friends, you can comfort them and remind them that it takes time to build relationships, and let them know that even Mom and Dad are trying to make new friends!

Part of being social involves putting yourself out there. Take a walk around your neighbourhood or even be bold and knock on a few doors just to introduce yourself. The workplace is also an easy spot to meet people. Jump into work-sponsored activities and gatherings and start finding out who you connect with.

The Internet is Your Friend

Fortunately, moving to a new town doesn’t have to leave you in the dark. The Internet is filled not only with resources about things to do in your region, but also has a plethora of meetup sites that are a wonderful way to meet new folks. Check out the Facebook pages of local businesses to find out about events, and there are also lots of local groups on Facebook that you can join. This is a simple way to meet people from behind the comfort of your computer screen.

Your Hobbies Will Give You a Hand

Making friends as an adult can be tough. But one of the very best methods of meeting likeminded people is to participate in the activities you enjoy. Do you have a favourite hobby or a sport you like to play? Seek out these activities and you’ll automatically encounter people with whom you have something in common. Not only that, but you’ll be active and engaged and that is a great way to start feeling like you belong.

Lynns loves to help our customers: before, during, and after the removals process. If you have questions about relocating a home or office, or are ready to receive your free quote, get in touch with us today. We are waiting for your call!

08 Feb, 16

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