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15 Reasons to Move to NSW

15 Reasons to Move to NSW

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15 Reasons to Move to NSW

Wondering where to move? Whether your options or open or you’re looking for some reassurance about your decision, here are 15 awesome reasons that you should move to New South Wales.


  1. NSW is home to several great cities.

Sydney might be the epicentre of urban excitement, but NSW boasts a few other attractive cities including Wollongong and Newcastle.


  1. You can climb the majestic Blue Mountains.

Just two hours from Sydney, this region offers nature at her finest.


  1. The quality of life in NSW is frequently rated as some of the very best across the globe.

Living well: it’s what we do here in NSW.


  1. Here you’ll find the whitest sand in the world.

The Jervis Bay region is well known for its stunning natural scenery. Boating, fishing, and snorkelling are all popular here, but the incredible white sand beaches stand out as the most iconic attraction.


  1. Strong job growth is projected for NSW; 6.7% from 2014-2018 as predicted by the Department of Employment.

This is great news for those currently in the workforce, or for young people who will soon earn qualifications.


  1. Fabulous wines and wineries await you.

You’ll find merlots, chardonnays, and more tucked away in the Hunter Valley, across the South Coast, and beyond.


  1. NSW enjoys a lower cost of living than other areas of the South Pacific.

Life a great life here in southeastern Australia, often at a fraction of the cost.


  1. This state has everything from outback desert to lush rainforests.

Your holiday plans: sorted. Just a few hours’ drive will take you from the tropical coasts to the top of the country’s highest peaks.


  1. You won’t suffer from a lack of cultural diversity. NSW offers a vibrant mix of cultures and languages.

Learning, art, and community are all staples of the NSW lifestyle.


  1. Exceptional healthcare.

New South Wales is known globally for its outstanding healthcare system. You can feel good about moving to NSW when it comes to the health of your family.


  1. It is home to Australia’s most famous icon: the Sydney Opera House.

And there’s so much more to see and do in the Sydney area, you’ll never run out of plans for a weekend.


  1. You can go skiing here too.

Most people don’t associate Australia with skiing, but our Snowy Mountains here in NSW offer wonderful skiing. It’s really the best of both worlds here in NSW.


  1. A great education awaits: from primary school to higher education.

NSW consistently ranks as one of the best educational systems in Australia and worldwide, and we have several internationally reputed universities.


  1. Your dream home is here in NSW.

From beachfront villas to country escapes, the architects and home builders of New South Wales have an endless supply of creativity and sleek design to hand.


  1. You can’t beat the weather.

It’s been suggested that Sydney only lacks sunshine some 23 days per year.


If you’re planning a move to beautiful New South Wales, look no further for your relocation needs than NSW removalist Lynns. Our 30+ years of experience here at Lynns Removals and Storage will help ensure your move is smooth and hassle-free. And if you need storage, professional packing services, or relocation preparation, we’re the team you can count on. We hope to see you here in NSW real soon.

15 Feb, 17

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