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Tips for Putting Your Boat Into Storage

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Boats are made to be out on the water. But occasionally, boat owners need to pack them away securely. Whether the off-season is coming up, you’re preparing for a relocation or a long trip, or you are putting all of your belongings into storage in preparation for a move, you may be looking for ways to safely store your beloved vessel. Fortunately, storing a boat is entirely possible, and with a bit of preventative care, you can store your boat and bring her out again good as new and ready for the water. Follow these tips for successfully putting your boat into storage.

Take it in For Maintenance

Prior to storing your vessel, boating experts recommend scheduling routine maintenance. Get your boat in top shape before going away for the season, and you’ll find that the wear and tear that naturally occurs from dormancy is virtually nonexistent. Maintenance on your boat serves as valuable preventative medicine.

Prepare your engine with the appropriate flushing and cleaning work. You may want to consult with a professional mechanic to determine exactly what needs to be done.

This is also the time to get any repairs done on your boat. Any cracks in the hull? Be sure to fix these ASAP, as the settling in storage, as well as the dry conditions, can be stressful on your boat and cause future issues.

Find Appropriate Supports

Covering your boat is a smart move to keep her clean and dust-free while in storage, but her support beneath is equally as important. You can use several options including a tow trailer, blocks, jacks, or boat stands. Make sure that whatever you choose will support your vessel’s weight evenly, without causing undue stress on any one area. These supports will keep your boat in its proper upright position and reduce any unnecessary strain on the structure. Some very small boats may also be stored upside down, with the right amount of support and/or cushioning protection beneath.

Get Her Clean & Dry

Before storage season, give your boat a thorough scrubbing. This is your chance to give the vessel a complete wash, which not only gets off the debris of the sea, but ensures the boat will air out properly while in storage. Be sure to dry the vessel completely as well. This reduces the chance of moisture buildup and mildew formation which could cause structural damage to your boat. For a final touch, add some lubrication to the joints and small moving parts throughout your boat. This will set over the storage period and keep your equipment in good working order. When you’re ready to take the boat out again, the lubricants will help make the preparation much easier.

The Right Storage Solution

A boat is a significant investment and you don’t want to take chances with your favourite toy. For that reason, it’s very important that you choose the right storage provider. A large, comfortable facility is necessary to ensure your vessel has ample room to be stored in top condition. But size isn’t the only thing that matters. You should also select a storage centre that is fully secured. At Lynns, our dedicated storage facility is equipped with back to base alarms and nightly patrols, for your peace of mind. With us, your boat will be highly secure.

Lynns Removals and Storage offers expert relocation services as well as our own private storage facility for your use. Need more information about our services? Get in touch with us now.

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