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Choosing the Right Storage

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Are you in need of storage? Furniture, small valuables, vehicles garden equipment, documents, memorabilia: there are few of us who haven’t amassed a large collection of “stuff.” These items need to be kept somewhere, and often, our homes and apartments don’t have enough space. Simplifying and downsizing is great, but what about when that is not an option? Seasons play a role as well. Warmer seasons see your sweaters and jackets packed up tightly in boxes. The colder months may send your convertible and your motorcycle zooming for cover. Closets stuffed? Garage already full? When you need an extra piece of the world to contain your belongings, storage is your #1 choice. The next consideration is just which storage provider to choose.


24/7 video surveillance. Nightly patrols. Back-to-base alarms. These are just a few of the essential security features employed by Lynns Removals & Storage to keep your belongings protected. When choosing the right storage provider, security is likely the top concern on your mind. We understand this, and it’s why so much of our focus is devoted to fully securing our storage facilities. You can feel confident in the attention given to our centre, with overnight patrols by experienced security staff and state-of-the-art technology offering an extra level of defence.


Choosing the right storage is often dependent on available space. At Lynns, we’ve got an expansive facility offering an abundance of storage opportunities. Our sizeable centre means that there are few limitations on what we can store, too. Boats, caravans, automobiles, and other very large items are no problem. We specialise in storing these items and have specific protocols to ensure they are given the appropriate space and coverage inside our facility.


Storage can seem like a hassle. We aim to make it a true benefit. Convenience is a big consideration when it comes to storage, and on this count, ours delivers. With a local NSW location, it’s easy to store your furniture and belongings with Lynns. We boast better prices than Sydney storage facilities, and situated outside the city, we are far more accessible.

When you store your items with us, we record them into our professional system. This allows us to fully account for every piece in our care. When you are ready for your items, we locate and identify them and then deliver them promptly to their intended destination. You don’t have to do a thing. Our customers love the convenience of our storage service and have used our facility before and after relocating, when renovating, or when away for extended periods.

A Trusted Provider

Finally, when choosing the right storage provider, you will be best served by selecting an established local business. With three decades of industry experience and a reputation for top-notch work in the South Coast and beyond, you can feel comfortable about partnering with Lynns. We’re also fully licensed, insured, and accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association—further indication of our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We’d love to speak with you about your storage needs. Please give us a call today to discuss your options.

01 Sep, 16

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