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6 Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

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From big homes to small apartments—we all could do with a little more storage space. Our kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas are where we live, and those various implements used in our daily living need a place to call home. The things we don’t use year round also need a secure spot to be stowed away. How do you manage?

With the right approach, it is definitely possible to expand your storage space, no matter your living situation. Here are 6 creative ways to make more storage space in your home.

1. Have a massive purge.

Nearly all of us have “stuff” we’ve collected over the years. It comes as no surprise, then, that one of the easiest ways to create more storage space in your home is by eliminating your excess. Make room for what matters. Simplifying your life not only feels good, it often gives you clarity and a refreshed perspective. Perhaps a great purge is exactly what is needed to help you discover how to create storage space effortlessly!

2. Be sure no inch goes to waste.

Particularly in a small home, you can’t sacrifice any bit of your valuable space. Take a lesson from those living in tiny homes: smart use of your space goes a long, long way. When most people hear the word storage they think of boxes, drawers, and shelves—items that can frequently take up significant floor space. Think outside the box (literally) and consider looking horizontally and vertically. Drawers tucked away within wall space are a great example, as well as hooks for kids’ toys, a ceiling hammock for stuffed animals, etc.

3. Make your space do double duty.

The ultimate way to create storage space in your home is to have your items serve multiple purposes. Choose seating and surfaces that hide storage spaces underneath. The unused area beneath your staircase can be turned into a clever bookshelf. When household items serve a dual purpose, the space saved can make a major difference in your storage capabilities.

4. Give old, throwaway items new life.

DIY decor is a huge industry, and many homeowners are joining in. It is surprisingly easy to create extra, or better organised storage within your space, you just have to discover the tricks. Search Google to discover hacks and ideas for maximising your home’s potential. You can turn old items new again by repurposing them, too. Throwing away broken clothes hangers? Those with the clipped ends can be used as homemade bag clips. Magazine holders and office supply holders can be placed in a variety of areas to help sort items of all kinds, including cutting boards, spices, electronic cords, and much more.

5. Hide your things in plain sight.

Storage doesn’t always mean “putting things away.” When done right, you can incorporate your everyday items as part of your decor scheme. Use a vintage coat rack for a convenient place to store outerwear that also has an attractive look. Creating more storage space in your house can be as simple as redefining what storage space means in the modern home.

6. Make storage an integral part of your decor.

By the same token, your basic storage containers can be a lovely element of your home decor. Plastic tubs won’t do, but antique-styled chests can work wonders. These can be situated at the foot of a bed, serve as a coffee table, or even be placed against a wall to display photo frames or flowers. But inside, storage reigns. Invest in a chest and you’ll find you’ve saved plenty of space and enhanced the look of your home at the same time.

Tried all the tips? Still need more storage space? No worries! If you need to store items outside the home, including large or small pieces (furniture, boats, and more), Lynns Removals and Storage can help. We maintain our own private safe and secure storage facility that provides a convenient place for you to keep your belongings. Call us now for more details.

03 Nov, 16

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