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Tips for a Successful, Stress-Free Move

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Moving house can be an overwhelming experience. From packing and organising your belongings to settling into your new home, there is so much to do. But moving does not have to be the stressful and exhausting experience you expect. With a little planning, a bit of hard work, and a fantastic, experienced removalist, you’ll sail through the entire relocation process.
Here are some tips to make your moving experience a pleasure.

Pack your most important items (medications, toothbrush, keys, documents) in a well-labelled box or bag, and bring it with you in your own vehicle.

No need to search through dozens of packages in the moving truck. When you arrive at your new home, you’ll have all the vitals ready to go. Don’t forget necessities like toilet paper, cups, and, if you depend on caffeine to keep you going, your coffee maker!

Label your cartons with both contents and room name.

To be your most organised, label your cartons with details of what is inside and where it should go. This can help you to know where things belong when you’ve arrived to your new place and are feeling overwhelmed. If you use the service of a removalist, this will assist them in putting your items in the correct place.

Have your electricity ready!

Phone the electric company several days prior to arriving at your new property and have the electricity turned on. Knowing that your home will be fully powered when you get there is a real comfort. Nothing is more aggravating than trying to unpack by candlelight!

Hire a babysitter for the children.

There’s a lot of action on moving day, and it can be taxing keeping an eye on your children (especially young ones) as the removalist team ferries your furniture out the door. Hire a babysitter for the day to make sure your kids are safely out of the way. Less to worry about also means an easier move for you. This tip goes for pets as well!

Take photos of your electronics’ plug set-up.

It can be frustrating to try and remember how to set up the tangle of cords that powers each of your electronics. Before packing those items for the move, snap a quick photo of the cord arrangement. This “cheat sheet” will make plugging in a breeze.

Don’t worry about cooking.

After a big move, the last thing you want to worry about your first night in your new home is cooking dinner. Instead, plan to go out for pizza or, better yet, have it delivered. Your family will look forward to enjoying a delicious celebratory pizza meal to toast your new residence.

Have a removalist pack your belongings and facilitate your move.

The number one way to have a stress-free move is to have the help of a professional moving service. Lynns Removals can assist you with every step of the process, putting your mind at ease and taking care of every detail. Don’t move yourself, use Lynns!

Lynns is a fully qualified South Coast removalist serving regions across New South Wales. Our safe and capable team will get your things from Point A to Point B, easily, efficiently, and without a hitch. Contact us today to plan your future removal or storage needs.

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