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The Importance of Moving Insurance

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I don’t need moving insurance, I have a great removals company handling it all for me!

Have you ever had this thought? For homeowners, apartment renters, landlords, vehicle drivers, and business owners (and even more) insurance of various types are a necessity. And the same is true when you’re moving. During a home or office relocation, you want to have full protection of your belongings and your property. And while you can have enormous confidence in a high quality removalist (like Lynns!), the truth is that accidents can still occur. Being prepared—and fully covered during your move—is a step you can’t afford to ignore. This is the importance of moving insurance.


Furniture is Expensive and Fragile

The primary reason for moving insurance is to protect your beloved items. Furniture is heavy, bulky, and quite often breakable. Your antique dresser has delicate surface work. Your gorgeous glass coffee table is especially fragile. Even your sturdy sofa has the potential for damage. After all, furniture isn’t meant for movement. It’s designed to stay placidly in one place. So when it’s time to move, you need extra care taken for these items. The first step is finding a reputable removalist. Choose one with decades of industry experience who prioritises the respectful treatment of your belongings above all. This attentive attitude goes a long way toward avoiding problems.

But don’t forego your moving insurance. Moving insurance is frequently known as transit insurance, because it covers items in transit. When your furniture has to move, it needs that added coverage. Should your furniture incur damage during its transportation, your moving insurance will cover you for the associated costs. That’s a peace of mind you can’t go without.


Your Belongings Need Excellent Care

Transit insurance can keep your items protected during a move, and this is important. A home removal is a complicated ordeal. You probably have dozens of boxes packed with all of your belongings. Knowing that you’re insured is comforting. While the right removals company will have incredible organisational procedures designed to keep your items secure during a move, insurance lets you know that even in the event of loss or damage, you can be covered for the cost of replacement or repair. You can’t afford to let your favourite things travel uninsured.

You can also arrange for insurance that covers your things during storage. If you take advantage of the storage options with Lynns, for instance, this type of policy could cover you against damage or loss sustained during the storage period. Some policies even cover against mould or mildew.


Where to Get NSW Moving Insurance

There are several insurance providers that can cover you with moving insurance in NSW and elsewhere. However, for our clients, we’ve streamlined the process, so you don’t have to spend time searching for insurance coverage. At Lynns we carry our own policy for Customer Goods in Transit and Storage insurance. During your move with us, we can arrange for the policy to cover you as well. This provides you the necessary peace of mind from solid, dependable insurance cover. We don’t receive any commission for arranging your policy through our insurer, either, so you can trust in our recommendations for your policy needs. Click here for more information on transit insurance through Lynns.


Don’t Hesitate. Get Insured.

At Lynns Removals and Storage, we give 100% to providing exceptional service with no problems. But we’re realists and we know that the unexpected can and does occur. That’s why we don’t leave anything to chance. We’re fully insured, and we want you to be, too. To discuss your upcoming move and our insurance options, get in touch with our friendly team today.

14 Mar, 17

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