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8 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Removal

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Sold your house? Congratulations! It’s time to start planning your move.

You might be thinking that you’ve got everything under control; this time you’ll DIY your removal with the plan to save money and make things easier on yourself and your family.

Right? Wrong.

If you’ve ever moved before, you may recall just how frustrating and stressful a move can be. When you do it all yourself, however, it goes from vaguely exhausting to downright nightmarish. To avoid an unpleasant experience, we suggest you avoid the DIY removal. Here’s 8 reasons it’s not the best way to go:

One word: STRESS.

Any project managed single-handedly ends up being quite stressful, but moving an entire home? The worst. If you’re hoping to maintain a shred of sanity during the next several months, don’t DIY your removal.

Hidden costs.

The primary reason people choose not to hire professional movers is because they believe this will save them money. Yet this could not be more wrong. With a DIY move, you are bound to incur many, many hidden costs, stretching your budget beyond where you’d like. As these begin to creep in, you’ll quickly realise that those removalist fees weren’t so bad after all!

Your friends aren’t as helpful as you think.

Let’s face it: moving requires manpower. You might imagine that you’ll move house with the help of a half dozen or so of your closest friends, but as is often the case, people can be unreliable. You might find yourself lacking several sets of hands come moving day. Why not select a reliable South Coast removalist instead? They won’t let you down.

Moving heavy/awkward items is a total pain—if not impossible.

Hope you’ve been hitting the gym, because moving house demands strength. While you might be able to successfully cart your boxes, bags, and smaller items, large pieces of furniture or huge, unwieldy items are going to be problematic. Refrigerators. Pianos. Lawn mowers. Do you have a well-devised plan for moving these things? If not, consider choosing a removals professional who knows exactly what to do.

Hiring a removalist is the safer option.

A DIY removal is not only a challenge, it can actually be unsafe. Heavy lifting is easy to do incorrectly, and doing it on your own might be a recipe for disaster. Instead of risking a back strain (or a broken box of valuables), avoid the DIY removal and have those with the right experience take care of the move.

Insurance to protect your valued belongings.

Should the unexpected happen, a DIY removal means you’re not covered. Removals companies are covered by comprehensive insurance that protects your items against damage and more. When moving everything you own, shouldn’t your belongings be in the safest possible hands?

A DIY move will steal your time.

Moving is time consuming. Doing it yourself means your days and nights will frequently be devoted to planning your removal. If you’d prefer to be spending your hours in leisure and relaxation, a DIY removal is definitely not for you.

A comprehensive package: professional removalists have everything you need.

Do you own ropes, moving dollies, ramps, cords, pads, and a large truck? A great deal of equipment and tools are needed for a move. Luckily, a professional removals team already has everything you require. Instead of having to source these items (and incur more hidden costs), select a removalist who is ready to handle your move.


Getting ready to move in Australia? We know just the team. We’re Lynns Removals and Storage, a South Coast based removalist with over 30 years of experience. Let us take care of your move, professionally, safely, efficiently, and affordably. Give us a call to receive your free quote today.

01 Jan, 17

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