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3 Top Tips for Moving With Pets

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Getting ready to move house soon? Moving can be a stressful undertaking for you and your family, but it can also take its toll on your pets. The best way to ensure your animals have a happy and safe relocation is by putting a plan in place for the move. Our 3 top tips for moving with pets can give you insight and guidance to ensure your moving process is as pleasant for your pets (and for you) as possible.

Pay a Visit to the Vet

Even if your dog, cat, or other animal is in good health, it doesn’t hurt to make an appointment with their veterinarian prior to your move. This gives you a chance to make certain your pets are at their best and are up to date with all vaccinations and screenings. Your vet might also be able to give you recommendations for an animal care provider in your new area and can supply you with the necessary records to take to your new vet. If your pet is particularly anxiety prone, your vet may also choose to prescribe a tranquiliser to help them remain calm on moving day.

Keep Your Pet from Being Overwhelmed

Even the most well-behaved of pets can become distraught during a move. There is so much going on and the house is often a beehive of noise and activity. Plan for this ahead of time, and take precautions to keep your pet from growing overwhelmed. The best option for this may be to have a friend or family member watch the pet in their own home during moving day. If this is not possible, confine your animal to a small and familiar space, such as a bedroom, while most of the action occurs. After you’ve arrived in your destination, do the same and let your pet explore a smaller area before becoming overwhelmed by a big new house.

Be Extra Attentive & Cautious

Be careful not to assume that your pet will behave normally in the face of this stress and activity. Many pets have never experienced a move and may become stressed. This can result in hiding, acting out, or even fleeing. Keep your dogs on a leash and cats and other small mammals inside their crates. This ensures you’re not taking any chances and keeps the animal close by so you can remain attentive to their wellbeing.

Thinking of moving your pet fish? A home removal can be particularly stressful to fish. While they may be able to manage short distances in small containers of their tank water, you should make other arrangements if relocating long distance, such as rehoming them with a friend.

Moving home ? Don’t go it alone.

Lynns Removals and Storage is the team you can depend on to make your relocation smooth and stress free. And if you’re moving with pets, working with a professional removalist can make the entire experience far more manageable.

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