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Staying Organised on Moving Day

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You have prepped and planned. Your boxes are packed. Your valuables are carefully wrapped and cushioned for their journey. If you’ve arranged for storage, those items are on their way to their temporary home. And if you’ve made the best possible choice when it comes to planning for a home relocation, you’ve selected a top quality removalist such as Lynns Removals and Storage.

These steps and preparations taken ahead of time will go a long way towards streamlining your moving process and ensure the day proceeds smoothly. But what should you do on moving day itself? Here are a few of our best tips for staying organised on the day of the big move.

Reference Your Home Inventory List

When you began organising the rooms of your house and packing your belongings into boxes, hopefully you created a detailed inventory of what you were packing. After closing the boxes, you ideally labelled them clearly, referencing both their contents and their destination room. When this is done ahead of time, it can make your moving day much smoother.

As boxes are transported into the removals truck, however, it’s a great idea to refer to and check off these things on your inventory list. With so much stuff in transit, it can offer peace of mind to physically confirm that specific items have made it onto the vehicle. This can also make the unpacking and rearranging process 10X easier for you.

Assign Your Family Moving Day Roles

Are you picturing everyone standing around on moving day, getting in the way of your removal professionals and generally being unhelpful? Have a plan in place to ensure this does not happen! Family members can be assigned specific tasks for the day. Giving everyone a job allows you to be certain all items are accounted for and provides an opportunity for everybody to do their part and feel like an integral piece of the process.
Even children and teenagers can be enlisted on “closet patrol”: to go through all closets, cabinets, and drawers and double check that every household item has made it into a box and onto the moving truck.

Have a Plan for Young Kids & Pets

On moving day, things can feel overwhelming for even the most organised family. If you have young children or pets, it is a wise idea to make plans for them ahead of time. If a family member or neighbour can babysit your children, you will have peace of mind knowing they won’t be underfoot or in danger of getting hurt. Cats, dogs, and other pets can also present a safety hazard (and add to the stress with their own barking or agitation). It’s best for the animals, the movers, and you, if the pets can stay in a kennel for the day or with a caring family friend.
Now that you know how to organise your moving day to go off without a hitch, it’s time for you to get a free quote from the region’s best removalists. Lynns Removals and Storage is a company with multiple decades in the industry, ready to offer you our superior and friendly service for all your moving and storage needs. Call us today!

28 Jan, 16

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