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Lynns Guide to Downsizing

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Minimalism is in. Simplicity is trending. The motivation behind this movement may be that having fewer belongings minimises stress. Living in a modest size home can be more manageable. Decluttering your closet makes getting ready faster and more pleasant. Is minimising in your future?? Whether you’re planning to downsize the contents of your home to make a major lifestyle change or if you simply have too much stuff, Lynns has some tips to make the process more successful.


Eliminating Extras and Excess

Before delving into the items you use every single day, start with the excess and random “stuff” you’ve accumulated over the years. Storing an extra couch in the garage in case you need it? Sell or donate it. Hanging onto an overload of sentimental items? Pare down to what is most emotionally significant. Dig into your junk drawer and open the rubbish bin. Every home contains some extras and excess, and starting your downsizing process with these can make the transition so much easier.


Consider the Future Space

If part of your downsizing plan involves relocating to a smaller home or apartment, use the new space as a guide. It’s far easier to recognise that you don’t need to hold onto that piano that no one’s played in years when you consider the effort and cost of moving it (as well as the potential lack of space for it in your new place). Moving is also a great opportunity for a fresh start and a new approach to your decor scheme. Why not start with a bit less and give yourself permission to go shopping?


The Pile of 3 and the 30 Day Test

Once you’ve managed the excess and extras, it’s time to turn towards the main contents of your home. There are a few different approaches for deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Many people claim creating 3 piles of Yes, No, and Maybe works for them. Others suggest applying the 30 day test. For each item under consideration, ask yourself if you have used it or not within the last 30 days. If the answer is no, out it goes. This is a simple way to make sure you’re downsizing to only your truest necessities.


Storage Solutions

If the idea of eliminating a great deal of your stuff makes you uneasy, it might be a smart step to consider storage options. This could contain some of the items that you placed in the No and Maybe piles. After a few months, you might discover that you don’t miss the stored things at all, at which point donating, selling, or tossing them will be a snap. It also could be that you feel the absence of certain items strongly and decide to take these out of storage and back into your home. Either way, this is a great solution for when you’re not ready to make the total downsizing commitment. Lynns even has our own storage centre for your convenience. Ask us about it!

For moving and storage throughout the NSW South Coast and beyond, Lynns Removals is the #1 team to call. Homes, offices, properties large and small: all can be handled with professionalism and efficiency. Call us for a free quote on your upcoming removal.

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