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How to Compare Removalists

How to Compare Removalists

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Getting ready to move your home or business in Australia? It’s time to choose a removals company to assist you with this enormous undertaking. But how do you know who to select? With so many companies offering removals services, how can you determine who to trust? Picking out a mover goes beyond the prices they offer (though you should obtain lots of quotes to compare). Your furniture and belongings are valuable and you’ll want to be sure these are treated with the utmost care. You will also want to work with a company that makes your move easier—-not more stressful. Here are a few factors you can look at when comparing removalists, to help you make the best choice for you.


Looking at Their Reputation

One of the simplest ways to assess a removals company is to take a look at their status in the industry and the community. A well-established business is always a strong indicator of a solid removalist. A company like Lynns (which has been serving customers for years) has a better background than a brand new company. Longevity isn’t everything, but it definitely demonstrates that a business has been successful at what they do for a significant period.

Learn about how the removalist is perceived. A positive—or negative—reputation speaks volumes. Ask friends and family for recommendations, but also spend time seeking out online reviews. The Internet has a wealth of information on businesses and reading reviews of actual customers can help you narrow down your options.


The Removals Services They Offer

If you’re thinking of a DIY removal, you might want to pause. The equipment and tools A professional removals team already has the extensive equipment, tools, and moving trucks needed to handle your move. But to compare removalists and choose the best, take a look at what services they offer beyond the basics. A reputable moving company should have additional services they provide, all of which can make your experience far easier and less stressful. Lynns Removals has opportunities for storage for items large and small, which can be a tremendous help before or after a move. We also can supply a complete packing service to get your home or office expertly packed up and prepped for transport.


Signs of a Good Removalist

Still another way to vet a potential removalist is to see if they check additional boxes. The most trusted providers will meet certain criteria such as holding comprehensive insurance to protect their business and your items. Many removalists also hold relevant industry accreditations. Lynns is a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Removalists that belong to organisations such as this are held to tough standards of excellence. This means that when you choose an AFRA-accredited company, you can feel confident you’re choosing one that comes highly recommended.


Before you choose, why not find out more? Lynns Removals and Storage is happy to provide you with further information about our services as well as a detailed quote. Get in touch today.

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