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What’s the Best Time of Year to Move?

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Planning a move can be a major, time-consuming process. Sometimes, a move is decided well in advance, which gives you as the homeowner plenty of time to manage every aspect of the relocation efficiently and easily. The gift of time is a blessing when it comes to a move. If you’ve got lots of time, you might consider selecting the best time of year for your move and scheduling it far ahead for a future season.

But what is the best time of year to move?

Climate Considerations

Depending on where you are relocating to and from, you may want to think about planning your move around expected weather. Spring and autumn may be ideal with mild temperatures. These seasons also have a transitional feel to them. Moving during the warmest time of year can often add a bit of stress to the proceedings. If you are moving to the far north of Australia, you may want to avoid the hotter season, when monsoons threaten to waylay your home removal plans. Yet seasons such as summer are also very busy months for most of us. Holidays and other commitments may put a dent in your hassle-free move. Consider your personal circumstances and what time of year might be most convenient for you and your family.

Lifestyle Factors

The time of year that is best to move is often different for each person or family. If you have children in school, a good plan might be to organise your move surrounding a school holiday. This ensures your kids minimising the school time they miss, as well as entering a new school during a fresh session. This can make for an easier transition for everyone. A downside of this however, may be that school holidays are busier times, often with higher traffic and more crowds. You may need to factor in additional transit time with such a move, particularly if you are relocating to or from a popular holiday spot.

Details of Distance

Distance is a third element to consider when deciding when to embark upon your move. Moving interstate or internationally is a significant prospect, and you’ll want to factor in weather possibilities, holiday time, and more. This also calls for attention regarding potential climate changes or holidays in different regions. Unfortunately, you may not be able to get your timing perfect to have a hitch-free move, but with a little planning, you can come close!

In fact, the planning is what it is all about. No matter what time of year you opt to move, preparing thoroughly for the relocation is paramount. At Lynns Removals and Storage, our mission is to assist customers throughout the entirety of this process. From resources on our website to personalised help, professional packing services, and so much more, we are your one-stop-shop for all your removalist needs. Ready to plan? Get in touch with our friendly team today.

09 Dec, 15

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