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bathroom packing tips

Bathroom Packing Tips

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When getting ready to move house, one of the last rooms you might think about packing up is your bathroom. After planning for your major furniture items and packing your clothing, books, and other belongings, you may end up packing your bathroom at the last minute. While we don’t recommend waiting too long to handle this task, packing your bathroom is, fortunately, very easy. All it takes is a smart approach and a few “hacks.” Read on to discover a few simple tips for packing your bathroom like a pro.

Dispose of Things that Won’t Travel Well

Packing your bath towels and other linens is a fairly straightforward task, but what about items that don’t travel as well? This could be the shower curtain, toilet brush, plunger, or other accessories. In most cases, it is advisable not to bother bringing these along to your new home. These items are often wet and sometimes worn. Packing and transporting them can be a messy, damp affair which is just plain unpleasant. Don’t bother bringing these pieces, and instead look forward to shopping for affordable replacements following your move.

Consolidate When Possible

If you’re like most people, your bathroom is probably filled to the brim with half empty containers of shampoo, soap, and bath salts. If this is the case, consider what you can do away with and what is a “must-pack.” The less you have to bring on your move the better. If you have several half-filled bottles, why not consolidate them? Some products might need to be kept separate, but there’s usually no harm in combining shampoos or body washes. This helps you cut down on precious packing space, and allows you to be better organised right from the start.

Resealable Plastic Bags (Or Plastic Containers) Go a Long Way

The biggest challenge when packing bathroom items is the risk of spillage or unwanted moisture. To combat this issue, dry all items thoroughly before packing them away. Once dry, place them in tightly sealed plastic bags or plastic containers for the duration of their transport. You might also opt to secure them in plastic wrap. These methods prevents water from seeping onto your other items or into other boxes, and, in the event a spill should occur, it will be well-contained with a far swifter cleanup. For added protection, we recommend lining a large box with towels before placing the plastic bags or containers inside. This provides extra cushioning and also can sop up any potential spills. If you’re packing smaller items such as hair ties or bobby pins, the towel layer can also keep these from getting lost if they come loose in transit. Extra bath towels can also be packed on top of your larger boxes, as they are a light addition to your packing.

Pack a Special Bag for Your Essentials

While a large portion of your bathroom items can be securely packed, clearly labelled, and ready to be placed into the moving truck, you should be sure to set aside the essential items you need to have with you on a daily basis. Things like your toothbrush, important medications, or your most-used hair products should be given a special bag or box that you will carry on your person. Should there be any delays with your removalist, you will have what you truly need with you. Even if the moving day goes smoothly and swiftly, it can be a pain sorting through all the boxes upon arrival simply to find a small, wanted item. Instead, place these important things aside ahead of time, and keep them with you. (Pro tip: This essentials box can also contain other items that are much-needed, such as your cell phone charger, your keys, or your morning coffee!)


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