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Interstate Moves Now Easier than Ever

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Moving house or office can be an incredibly overwhelming process. Just picture it: Organising each room of your home or commercial property. Carefully packing all of your belongings in cartons. Moving those cartons into a vehicle. Unloading the heavy cartons in your new building. Unpacking. Putting away. The list goes on…

The prospect of a move is even more stressful when you consider the added complexities of moving to a new state in Australia. There’s more to plan for, more communication that needs to occur, and, more than likely, additional distances that need to be covered.

But what if a move didn’t have to be so challenging? What if there was a way to experience a stress-free simple removal, even from one state to another?

There is an answer: Lynns interstate removals.

With more than 30 years in the moving industry, Lynns can help you embark on a removal process that is not only easy, but enjoyable. Whether you’re moving from New South Wales to Western Australia or merely heading to our neighbour Queensland, Lynns is ready to assist you in your interstate home or office removal.

More Options = Less Work for You

What makes moving stressful is when you have to do everything yourself. It is a common misconception that this DIY style of moving will save you money. In the long run, this often ends up being more expensive, and the hassle involved is truly not worth it.

Let your interstate removal experts arrange your move for you. It’s a relief knowing a capable removalist will take care of this major process. Also, you have options for add-ons and extras with Lynns which can take even more pressure off of you. We offer a professional carton packing service, ensuring your items are tenderly and safely packaged in the proper carriers, ready for our team to ferry them into our truck and to your new home.

Preparation Made Simple

When it comes to moving house or moving office, half the battle is preparation. Getting organised for your relocation can help you feel in control and less frazzled. Start by making lists of your belongings and create a to-do list of steps to take (change address, school enrolment, etc.) Lynns wants to assist our customers to make the moving experience straightforward and pleasant. We have made available a selection of resources to help you prepare. You can use our handy moving checklist to provide a solid timeline leading up to moving day. Our blog is also full of information and helpful tips to assist you in creating a fast, effective moving process.

Quality You Can Depend On

Lynns has built a reputation on providing superior service in every facet of our business. This means you know what you’re getting when you work with us. We are a friendly, communicative team who is highly-trained in all aspects of the removal process. As we transport your valuables, we take the utmost care and caution to keep them safe and undamaged. Concerned about moving across state lines? We have comprehensive insurance coverage to give you peace of mind and a modern, excellently-maintained fleet of trucks. If you need further proof of our high standards, Lynns Removals & Storage is the only AFRA-accredited removalist in the lower region of New South Wales.

Don’t Delay, Let’s Start Today

Is your big move coming up soon? It’s never too early to start planning. Lynns can handle interstate removals throughout Australia: from Darwin to Hobart, from Exmouth to Brisbane, and everywhere in between. Even if you have a far distance to travel, your move doesn’t need to create additional stress. You can easily contact us via our online quote form. Let us take the reins and make your interstate move a breeze.

24 Jul, 15

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