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Do You Need to Make a Pre-Move Visit?

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Are you currently planning to relocate your home or office? Particularly for larger, more significant moves, a great deal of preparation is needed to ensure the process goes off without a hitch. Our team at Lynns Removals and Storage has assisted with relocations of all sizes, from simple local residential moves to major interstate commercial removals. We like to recommend pre-move visits to our clients when circumstances would benefit from such a visit, but we realise that every situation is different. You may have specific needs that necessitate scoping out your future property or your new town. How can you decide if such an arrangement is necessary? Let’s take a look at some situations that may require a pre-move visit.

When You Have Children in School

If you have school-age children and will be relocating to a new school district, it may be worth a visit ahead of time. This is an effective approach for helping nervous students make the transition more easily, as they can begin to grow familiar and comfortable with their new school early on. It can also help you make a decision if you are choosing between a couple of different schools and can give you insight into how your children will get to and from school each day.

When Your Destination is Vastly Different

Prepping for a home removal to the other side of Australia? While coastal regions of our nation may be decidedly similar, the outback and far north provide a very different set of living conditions to contend with. Differences in culture, climate, and lifestyle, among others, may require some subtle adaptation. A pre-move visit might give you a head start into life in your new town or city and help you know what preparations you will need to make prior to the move. As well, a visit familiarises you with the layout of an area, helping you have a better grasp of what to expect come moving time.

When A Pre-Move Visit Won’t Break the Bank

Travelling to the future home of your house or office is a useful endeavour, but only when the cost to do so won’t set you back significantly. It may not be feasible to cross the country for a brief visit. However, large businesses that are making a substantial relocation may wish to plan for several pre-move visits. A major move like this can have a large impact and actions taken without a visit might prove more costly should something go wrong. Another suggestion is to have a dedicated staff member who can be stationed in the new destination and oversee all aspects related to the move.

When You Have an Excess of Stuff

As you begin packing your home or office, you might discover that you have massive heaps of “stuff.” Will it fit comfortably into your newly purchased residential or commercial property? This may present a dilemma if your new property has a remarkably smaller floor area. If you have concerns about an excess of belongings, you have a few options. You can host a yard sale to pare down your things and simplify down to the basics–an amount you know will work in the new place. Or, you can schedule a pre-move visit to your property to measure dimensions and take a closer look at the specifics of the building. (Bear in mind, if you’re moving into a currently occupied home or business space, this may not be possible. You should check with your realtor for further details).

As you get ready for your relocation, don’t forget to select a professional removalist who will make all the difference. Lynns Removals and Storage is proud to have more than 30 years of experience assisting with successful moves throughout Australia and we’d love to add yours to our list. Get in touch today for more details or to obtain a free quote.

09 Jun, 16

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