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A Last Minute Move? Here’s How to Proceed

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Some moves are well-planned in advance. Perhaps months or even years before, an individual or family decides to relocate (or a business determines it’s time to find a new space) and sets out to make it happen. Yet on occasion, a move can take you by surprise. Maybe you get a fantastic job offer across the state that is just too good to pass up. Or you may have a personal issue that necessitates a swift change of location. For a whole host of reasons, a sudden or last minute relocation might be in order.


Can you still have a successful removal? Absolutely. Here’s how to proceed.


Get Planning Assistance for Your Move


Don’t attempt a DIY removal. Under normal circumstances, do-it-yourself efforts frequently result in major stress and high costs, and this is doubly true during an urgent moving situation. It is nearly always cheaper to hire a professional removalist, and it is ALWAYS a more painless experience. When your move is a last minute one, you definitely need to rely on the services of an expert moving company. Opt for a removalist with many years of experience in the industry, and who is known for their superlative customer care. It’s also worth noting that many removalists book up months in advance, but a top tier provider will make every effort to fit you in.


Consider Short Term Storage


When you need to relocate quickly, it might be worth investigating your storage options. At Lynns Removals and Storage, we maintain our own spacious, secure storage centre. This facility is fully-monitored with advanced alarm systems and nightly security patrols. In a last-minute removal situation, you might not have a set destination—in fact you may still be shopping for a new home! In these rapid and unexpected situations, convenient storage often saves the day.


Outsource the Major Tasks


There’s no doubt about it: moving house or office is a big deal. There are numerous steps to take and items to check off your to-do list. In order to ensure your removal is as hassle-free as possible, delegate some of these tasks. Lynns provides a special service: professional packing of your belongings into sturdy, moving-friendly boxes and containers. Not only does this service save you time and stress, our professional team will pack your things in the best possible manner, allowing for safe transport without any concerns. For you, this means peace of mind before, during, and after moving day.


Selling your home or moving out of a rental? It’s likely you’ll need to do a deep clean before handing over the keys to the next tenant. Your time is valuable, though, and you’ll need every spare second during this last minute removals process. It’s the smart mover who decides to hire this job out to a professional cleaning service. With a thorough scrub, you’ll be leaving your previous property in prime condition. Your cleaning pros can also give your new home a comprehensive clean prior to move in, shortening your to-do list and creating a seamless arrival for your family.


Depend on an Expert Removalist


In every regard, your last minute move needs a reliable Australian removalist—the kind which comes highly recommended by your friends and family. We know that’s us, Lynns Removals and Storage. With three decades spent building our reputation for excellence, we’ve become a business that Australians know and trust. We’d love to assist you with your upcoming move—whether last minute or not—and show you the Lynns difference.

01 Dec, 16

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