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Choosing Your New Home – 10 Tips for Making a Great Choice

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Moving into a new home is an exciting venture—but it all starts with choosing the right property. How do you know when you’ve found the perfect place to call “home?”At the end of the day, many home buyers go with their instincts when it comes to making this important purchase. But the best approach is to go into the sale armed with knowledge and confidence. To ensure you make a great choice when it comes to choosing your new home, follow these 10 tips (and your heart) to your best home possible.

1. Determine the factors that matter most

Knowing a bit of what you’re looking for can help you narrow down your search from the start. Consider creating a list of factors and deciding which are most important to you. Is it the location? Do you need a spacious kitchen for plenty of cooking? Is a swimming pool a must? Deciding these needs and desires in advance is a huge step forward on the path to choosing the right home.

2. You can’t change the neighbourhood

No matter what your top ranking factors are, remember that location should certainly play an important role. You can change what you don’t like in a home in many cases, but you will never be able to transport the home out of its neighbourhood. Be sure that the house you select is situated in a place you would feel comfortable and safe should you choose to live there. Also consider the length of the commute to your workplace.

3. Remember your vision, and look beyond what’s there

When viewing a potential home, it may be cluttered with the decor and belongings of the current owners. Don’t let these elements cloud your vision. Your home will be entirely yours, with your own style, colour scheme, and familiar items. When necessary, look beyond an ugly wallpaper or a messy bedroom and focus on the potential future of the property.

4. Have patience

Buying a home is a major investment, and you don’t want to rush into the wrong choice for you and your family. Be patient, and realise that many Australians shop for months before landing on the ideal property. Keep an open mind and continue honing your list; your dream house is out there.

5. Consider your lawn and garden needs

A lush, sprawling yard looks beautiful to potential home buyers, but do you intend to use an outdoor space frequently? The size and complexity of a lawn and garden will tell you what kind of upkeep it will need. If doing or paying for lawn care is not in your vision, consider townhomes, apartments, or properties that require minimal outdoor maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an overgrown garden that you may come to resent in the future.

6. Choose a ready-to-go kitchen

Many homeowners know that there are things they will renovate once they’ve moved into their new property. The kitchen however, should ideally require very few major upgrades. It can be challenging to move into a new home and live (even temporarily) without a functioning kitchen. This is a room central to the operation of the home, and you’ll want to have things sorted as soon as possible. When choosing your new home, try to select one with a kitchen that is move-in-ready.

7. Envision yourself living in the home

As you tour a property, take the time to picture your family living there. Think about potential furniture placement. Go through the motions of what it would be like in the home during daily life. Not only will this process give you a sense of your interest in the property, it cn reveal potential downfalls, (i.e. a kitchen that lacks counter space). These minor things can make a huge difference when you live in a home, turning into major annoyances. Identifying them early lets you know what needs changing prior to move in—or if a home needs avoiding altogether.

8. When relevant, look for three things that improve upon your previous home

Sometimes a move is out of necessity, and you’re less concerned with “upgrading.” However, if you’re move comes from the desire for an improved property with more to offer, make sure the future home outshines your last in at least a few different ways. This is important because it helps you focus on the reasons for your move. Relocating due to lack of space? You may find a lovely potential property, but if it doesn’t have a larger square footage, you might be ignoring one of your main factors. Keep these elements in mind to ensure you find the best home for you.

9. Pick a home for the life you’re living today

Sometimes home buyers get caught up in the “what ifs.” Will the home be too big once the kids have grown up? What if we decide to have more children? While you can’t precisely predict the future, you should purchase a property that reflects your current lifestyle, including family size. You can make the necessary adjustments later on.

10. Don’t push your budget too much

Remember that budget matters. Your dream home will surely become a nightmare if you overextend the budget too greatly and end up in debt. Keep your eyes on the prize and only view homes you can genuinely afford. This also prevents you from falling in love with properties which are way out of budget.


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