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Getting Your Kids Involved in Your Move

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Planning a move is a big decision which affects the entire family. Without a doubt, it’s a major transition, whether you’re making an international move, interstate relocation, or simply moving down the street. To make the transition as easy and pleasant as possible, a solid plan can make a huge difference. At Lynns Removals, we offer a wealth of resources and checklists to help you prepare for a stress-free, well-organised move. But aside from physical preparation, getting ready emotionally is a great way to help the entire family make the adjustment. One of the main ways you can accomplish this is by getting all family members involved in the move. Even younger kids can help! Wondering how? Read on to find out!

Involve them in the Planning

Your children may have a variety of reactions to the big move. They may be purely excited and ready to take the plunge. Other children will be more hesitant and anxious. Still others might find the transition especially challenging. To yield a smooth move, don’t hesitate to get your kids involved in every aspect of the planning. Together as a family, you can research your new destination. Internet-savvy kids may enjoy this part of the process, as online research can help them discover new and intriguing aspects of their new home town.

Your kids can also play a significant role in planning for moving day itself. Why not make packing a fun task, as opposed to an unpleasant chore? As a family you can discuss the best ways to pack or even turn it into an interesting challenge. (Who can pack the fastest? Who can fit the most towels into a single box?)

Focus on the Future

Emphasising the positive parts of a home move can be an ideal way to get your children involved and looking forward to the event. Check out upcoming events in your new destination and add them to the calendar. Go shopping together for new furniture or items for the home. Pick out some fresh decor for the child’s bedroom. When a move becomes an adventure, kids start looking at it differently. And ensuring they are an integral part of the moving plan helps them take ownership of the decision and feel more comfortable with the change.

Give Kids a Task

Even younger kids can be highly involved in the move. As you pack, your children can be responsible for keeping inventory. Have them list items as they are placed in boxes and then check them off upon arrival. On moving day, kids can also assume distinct roles. This goes a long way towards helping them feel like an integral part of the moving process. Potential tasks include taking care of pets, getting their own bedrooms packed and set, or cleaning up areas as the removals company carts away the furniture. Get the house ready and get your kids ready for the new start, all at once!

Let’s make your home relocation better for everyone! With a team like Lynns, you can count on a hassle-free move that is efficient and straightforward. With 30 years of industry experience, Lynns Removals brings the highest standards of service and the finest quality to each project. We look forward to helping you make your upcoming move a great one!

28 Jun, 17

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