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Your First Apartment Moving Tips 101

Your First Apartment: Moving Tips 101

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We all start somewhere. For most young adults, their first residence apart from their parent’s home (and perhaps the uni dorm) is a modest apartment. Apartment living can be a lot of fun, but moving into your first apartment is a whole different experience than moving your home.
Today, our relocation experts here at Lynns are ready to share some advice for moving into your first apartment. Read on for some simple tips on making your move as stress-free and easy as possible.


Start with the Basics

When you’re moving into your first apartment, it can be tempting to go wild right away and start decorating. This is your place, and you’re understandably anxious to make it truly your own. But the decor can wait for now. To eliminate stress and have a better moving experience, focus on getting the basic furniture and items in place first. Make a master list of everything you’ll need. This includes the most necessary furniture items such as bed, table, and chairs, and also includes the smaller bits and pieces you’ll need right away (rubbish bin, toilet paper, basic dishware, etc.). These most basic elements are the survival and comfort fundamentals. Once these are set up you’re ready to tackle the finer points of apartment living.


Get the Essentials Sorted

Well before your move-in, get your utilities sorted and ready. There’s nothing more annoying than moving into your new apartment and realising you forgot to turn on the electricity. Nowadays, establishing your utilities is easier than ever. Many services can even be arranged online. Create a list and work on establishing your utilities at least a week in advance. Don’t forget to allow some time for setup and installation. Certain services, like cable or Internet, often require an initial appointment at your apartment.


Deal with Your Roommates

Occasionally, your first apartment is one shared with roommates. Dealing with roommates is a whole topic unto itself, but the most important thing to do is to be clear and upfront from the start about your expectations. Sit down with your roommate(s) and discuss chores, bills, groceries, and apartment maintenance. You may even wish to create an informal written agreement. This might seem excessive, but having clarity about your living situation from the very beginning can be a huge help in avoiding issues further down the road.


Use a Removalist for a Range of Services

You may be moving into your first apartment with furniture you already own or you’re taking from your previous residence. If this is the case, you may need a professional removalist. Lynns is an excellent choice, with our 30 years of industry experience and our commitment to great customer care. Even if you don’t need us for a full-service move, however, we can still be of assistance. Need a single piece of furniture transported? We can handle that for you, seamlessly and swiftly. We also have our own storage facility, in case you have belongings you don’t plan to bring to your apartment with you. From complete removals to secure storage, Lynns has got you covered.


Get in touch with us today if you’d like more details on your best move yet.

24 Apr, 17

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