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5 Ways to Deal With Post Move Sadness

5 Ways to Deal With Post-Move Sadness

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Is moving exciting? When you’re moving across town, the basics of your day-to-day life are unlikely to change. In this circumstance, you can simply anticipate the delight of being in a new dwelling.


Relocating to another city or state, however, is a more significant ordeal. There are new, places to discover and elements to look forward to and indeed most moves happen because individuals are chasing better opportunities.


Yet with all the excitement and anticipation involved, it’s easy to forget that a move represents a major transition. It can be a challenge for both children and adults, and create some difficult emotions before, during, and especially after the move.

Are you or your loved ones experiencing a bout of post-move sadness? It’s good to know that this is totally normal and, better yet, can be alleviated. Here are five things you can do about it right now.


1. Allow yourself to feel sad.

What you’re experiencing is often referred to as relocation depression, and it is an expected response to a big transition like a move. The first step you can take in the healing process is to simply let things be. Allow yourself to feel the sadness, confusion, or even anger, and begin to slowly process it. It’s not healthy to push away your emotions, and you might find that allowing yourself to really feel them actually expedites the recovery process even faster.


2. Consider a way to celebrate or memorialise your old home or city.


One of the causes of post-move sadness can be a sense of loss or longing for your old home. This is especially common with children. As a family, brainstorm ways you can remember your previous house or city together. You might create a beautiful scrapbook with photos and memorabilia—something you can look at when you’re feeling sad, and which honours the place appropriately. Or, you could sit over dinner and swap your favourite stories from your old house or town. This discussion can be great for processing difficult feelings and you may even have fun doing it!


3. Get into a routine, and incorporate elements of your new home/town.

Often, simply getting set up in your new routine can make a major difference to how you’re feeling. Depression can be the result of feeling lost or aimless. Routine provides a sense of purpose and optimism. Begin creating your new routine by using your old habits and patterns. Then, as you feel ready, start incorporating new elements and new locations, to begin integrating your new home into your daily life. One day, you’ll discover the new routine has become easy and familiar and you’re feeling a great deal better.


4. Connect with loved ones.  

Being together works wonders. If you’ve moved on your own, this tip might be especially important. Connect with your family and friends following your relocation. With today’s modern technology, it’s so easy to reach out via the Internet or a text message. But for maximum efficacy, pick up the phone and have a nice conversation with a loved one. You will be surprised just how much this can help to reduce your post-move sadness and put you in a better mindset.

Bonus: Plan a get-together with your loved ones that you can look forward to.


5. Get involved in the community.

Even as you stay close with friends and family, it’s time to cultivate new friendships in your city. Now’s a great chance to challenge yourself and get out there to meet people. It can be easier if you have kids, as you’ll naturally have more opportunities to interact with other parents. But either way, investigate local activities and get involved. Not sure where to begin? Consider finding a new place of worship if you’re religious, or volunteering for a community activity. Just jump in and watch the post-move sadness fade.


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07 Apr, 17

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