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Moving Overseas

An International Move Checklist

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Moving abroad is a big deal. There’s paperwork to arrange, items to be packed, and that’s just for your home country! An international move is a major transition will affect you in many ways. However, being organised and approaching your international move with a plan can help make the transition that much smoother. We’ve looked to our expertise in international removals to create this checklist. This list breaks down the move into simpler, smaller steps. As you get ready to head abroad, consult the items on this list to make sure you’re on track for an excellent move.

Prepare for Your New Destination

  • Ensure your family’s passports are up to date
  • Research and apply for relevant visas, residence permits, or other paperwork
  • Look into whether your bank has branches abroad – If not, begin looking into opening a new account in your destination country and transferring some initial funds
  • Research your new destination; learn some of the local language if applicable
  • Book travel and transport for your family
  • Have pets? Research quarantine rules or other laws regarding entering a new country with your animals
  • Research neighborhoods, schools, and doctors

Prepare Your Belongings

  • Select a reputable Australian removalist specialising in international removals
  • Arrange insurance to cover your items in transit
  • Spend time going through all of your belongings and decide what’s to be done with each: will you bring the item, dispose of it, or place it into storage?
  • Make arrangements for storage, if necessary
  • If you’re not selling your home, decide what’s to be done with the property and make arrangements to find tenants or connect with a property manager
  • Begin packing your items (consider a professional packing service)
  • Speak to your removalist about transporting unusual items
  • Check if your appliances will function in the new destination. You may need to obtain items of a different voltage, or use a plug adapter temporarily

Getting Closer to the Move

  • Obtain family medical records from your current physicians
  • Get up to date on any needed vaccinations; have a final appointment
  • Obtain necessary vaccinations for pets
  • Confirm all final travel arrangements
  • Book temporary accommodation if needed, such as a hotel, short-term home rental, or other
  • Inform your children’s schools of the move; gather relevant paperwork or records
  • Cancel insurance policies/research and open policies in your new destination abroad
  • Pay final bills or arrange for bills to be forwarded
  • Arrange for utilities to be cancelled

Just Before the Move

  • Ensure all vital documents will be carried with you, preferably on your person or in your hand luggage
  • Leave time to take care of last minute items that need handling (these will inevitably pop up)
  • Obtain any foreign currency you might need
  • Obtain “extras” of important items: prescription medications, contact lenses, etc.
  • Finish packing
  • Arrange to have items transported into storage
  • Spend time with family and friends


A move abroad can seem overwhelming, but with a checklist in hand, you can feel confident that you’re not missing a single detail. And of course, every moving situation is different, so feel free to add to the checklist as needed.

We at Lynns Removals and Storage would love to assist with your upcoming international move. With more than 30 years of experience, we’re an established team of removalists that thousands of Australians know and trust. We promise a safe, stress-free move, designed to make your experience easier and better.

Why not give us a call? We can chat details, find out more about your removals needs, and provide you with a complimentary, obligation-free quote. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.


05 Jul, 17

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