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Newtown Removals

Lynns Removals Newtown

Are you seeking a Newtown removalist to make your upcoming relocation easier? When making commercial and residential moves, the process can be made more efficient, successful, and ultimately more pleasant with the assistance of a qualified removals team. In Newtown, Lynns Removals and Storage is your go-to company. For more than 30 years, our business has been providing exceptional removals for highly satisfied customers.

Considering a DIY move? We know how overwhelming the moving process can be. With Lynns, the stress is reduced by a massive percent. You’ll find everything to be organised, timely, and easy to manage. From our fleet of beautifully-maintained moving trucks to our friendly and courteous service, you’ll be glad you let your needs be taken care of by one of Newtown’s top removalists.

You needn’t worry about a lack of safety or care. While other moving companies might be careless with your belongings, that’s never the case with Lynns. With a fully-trained staff and an AFRA accreditation, we maintain the strictest standards of excellence across the board. In fact, to retain our AFRA accreditation, we must undergo rigorous examination every year. At every step of the removals journey, we ensure your furniture and items are treated with the utmost respect and delicacy.

And we offer more than just removals. Lynns is a complete storage centre as well. We’ve got our own private facility that is large enough to house even cars, caravans, and boats, in addition to the other contents of your home or office. You can store your things with us for as short or as long as you need, knowing that they’ll be safe in our fully monitored centre with back-to-base alarms and nightly patrols.

Ready to revolutionise your relocation experience? Your favourite Newtown removalists are waiting for your call.

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